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Platform Bench With Cushion Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Platform Bench With Cushion plansFree Platform Bench With Cushion plans - his piece is designed to be an inside bench, but with the right materials and finish I think it would work outside. The key here is finding or making the right cushion(s). Since everyone has different sources, the bench dimensions will vary. So what I’ve given here is only a guide. After you decide on your cushion you will have the length and width, then use the cushion to determine the height of the deck that works for you. I’ve arbitrarily chosen 14”. Before you start you will also have to decide the infill for the seat. Will it be 3/4” planks or 3/4 or 1/2” plywood? This determines the location of the 1x2 ledger supporting the seat filler. (You can also make the whole platform out of 3/4” plywood rather than making a built up frame. Saves a lot of work, though you should edge band the ply. You also wont need the glue blocks.)

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