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Basic Bench #1 Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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 Basic Bench #1 plansFree Basic Bench #1 plans - This is what I’m calling the basic bench, it is made with all stock 2x3’s and is 36” long. But like just about everything here there are options to change dimensions, materials, and design to suit your requirements. Some new hardware items are used, but most of these choices are easily available. These choices will, though, depend on the wood you want to use and where the bench will live. There are so many choices of screws and other fasteners that before you decide which way you want to go, I think it would help if you consulted www.mcfeelys.com. This is a fastener catalog with a great range of products, but best of all, they explain the many options, best choices and why. For example, the tannins in certain woods corrode some fasteners leaving a dark stain. Not what you want, so check it out.

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