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Twin Solid Wood Cottage Bed Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Twin Solid Wood Cottage Bed plansFree Twin Solid Wood Cottage Bed plans - I thought we could use something a bit more - or less- modern or industrial seeming and something with a touch of cottage chic going on! Depending on the style of trim you choose for this piece, you may actually have yourself a more traditional or even a coastal or country chic style bed, just depends on your preference. This bed is inspired by (allegedly) the Rosenberry Rooms Cottage bed, and is offered in this fabulous Dodger blue, that I am fairly certain shall become a bit of cool trend...I know I am loving it! Begin building your Headboard and Foot board. Join the Panels to the First Leg Pieces using glue and your #8 countersink bit with 1 1/4 inch Wood Screws. Fasten the 2nd Layer of your Legs to the First Set. Fasten from the inside of the leg, use glue and 1 1.4 inch Wood Screws. the top portion of the 2nd Set of Leg panels will be 3/4 inch square trim pieces, and the lower set will be a 1x3, there should be a gap between the 2 that is equal in size to your 1x8 bed rails and will house them in a later step.

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