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Sleigh Bed Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Sleigh Bed plansFree Sleigh Bed plans - We wanted a sleighbed for our son, but were unable to find decent plans. All the plans we found, and all the manufactured beds we looked at (except the really expensive ones, like $8000) had flat panels set into curved posts. There was a reasonably good set of Plans in FWW of a bed made by Chris Becksvoort that gave us some useful tips. We wanted properly curved panels. So we just decided to make up our own plans. We did this by drawing a few sketches and first trying to figure out what we wanted it to look like. Then we started drawing parts of the bed in more detail to try to get an idea of how it could be done. Things like how to join the rails to the posts, and how to turn a long cylindrical top rail for the head & foot boards with a short lathe, & cetera.

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