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Bookbinders Standing Press Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Bookbinders Standing Press plansFree Bookbinders Standing Press plans - Called a standing press and usually of cast iron and steel, presses like this are widely used in hand binding and plant collecting. They are still made, and also turn up in garage and estate sales, but are simple enough that it is easy to make a substitute. This design uses veneer press screws commonly available from mail-order suppliers. The dimensions were set by what was in the scrap bin and the 12 inch press screws I had on hand. The press could as easily be built with a single press screw, but I felt the double screws would spread the pressure a bit more evenly. I was aiming for a capacity of 11X14 inches, as that covered about 95 percent of my needs and wouldn’t pose much of a storage problem. The main load-bearing part of the press is a rectangular frame laminated from three layers of hardwood. A small frame is attached to either side of this larger piece to support the lower platen. This platen is a layer of edge-glued hardwood. The upper platen is simply a cross-laminated wood slab. I chose not to attach it to the press screws because it would be difficult to coordinate two screws when opening and closing the press, and also because I find it awkward to place things between the platens with the upper one in the way. With this design it is a simple matter to assemble a stack of work on the lower platen, set the upper platen in place, and apply pressure.

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