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Drill press table Plans

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Drill press table plansFree Drill press table plans - Free Woodworkers drill press table Plan If you do not have anywhere to put your drill press, consider building a drill press stand. This stand will have to be very sturdy because it must bear a heavy load and withstand intense vibrations. The exact style and configuration of the stand you design will depend on your needs. If you just need to bring the drill closer to eye level, then a simple design will suffice. If you require storage space or mobility, consider designs with shelves, cabinets and wheels. Quality workmanship depends in large part on the accuracy of your tools. With this in mind, we set out to make your already hardworking drill press into the ultimate precision-machining center. This setup will allow you to perform numerous machining processes with impressive precision. If you only need a place to rest your drill press on you can build a simple but sturdy stand. Lay out 2x4-inch boards into a rectangular frame with vertical posts and crossbeams. The stand should be wide enough that the drill press will not fall. Sketch out a diagram to help with the construction later. If you are confident in your carpentry skills you can obtain blueprints for more complicated designs. These often resemble 2-drawer filing cabinets with wheels. In fact, if you have such a filing cabinet available, you can easily convert it into a drill press stand. Raise the height of the cabinet by standing it on a frame of 2x6-inch boards, then bolt the drill press to a plywood sheet on top of the cabinet.

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