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Inovative Woodworking Project Plans
You do not have to be a professional builder to build an amazing patio, deck, picnic table, small building, or revitalize your home with a sleek new design, look, and feel. In fact, you do not even have to know anything about woodworking or...

4 Easy to Make Inexpensive DIY Lamps
DIY Network has instructions on how to make a floor lamp, a sconce, a table lamp and a chandelier using regular household items and keeping your costs down. Lamps can be made from a myriad of household items and keepsakes. See how we made a floor...

Artful lampshade
A plain lampshade becomes instant art when you add a paper design to the inside lining. The design remains invisible until you turn on the light.

Arts and Crafts Table Lamp
With its simple lines, this lamp is reminiscent of early 20th-century Prairie-style design, but beneath its seemingly straightforward lines lies a challenging project for advanced woodworkers that demands precision in cutting angles and making...

Battery Blackout Lamp
A VERY useful as well as attractive project for the craftsman. With the present black-outs going on all over the country, this lamp when placel on the floor will prevent one from stumbling over furniture during a blackout, or by turning the unit...

Beautiful Jar Lights
After a few years of baking in the sun and being exposed to winters cold, the plastic bodies of solar-powered garden lights tend to fade and crack. Salvage the guts by putting them into flip-top, wide-mouthed sealer jars with clear lids, and...

Bedside Lamps
Having scoured the department stores for a set of bedside lamps that would match the rest of my bedroom furniture, I finally gave up and opted for the more entertaining idea of making my own. The specification for the construction of these lamps...

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Workbench Magazine: The Original Home Woodworking and Improvement Magazine

Chinese-style abacus lamp
The point of this project was to design a low-light lamp that would provide interesting shadows through the use of two abaci (the plural of abacus?). However, these particular abacuses have sentimental value to my aunt and, while she certainly...

Custom Valance For Fluorescent Light
We rout some 1x lumber to make an interesting profile, assemble it into a partial box using biscuits and glue, and screw it up.

Diamond Lantern
Looking for a simple, inexpensive way to glam up your outdoor space for the party season? Add a few hanging paper lanterns. These flickering beauties are made with paper, skewers and tape. Easy!

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