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Huge Collection of Woodworking Plans
When I built my first deck, almost 20 years ago, I thought I had it all figured out. 4 exhausting months later, I still was not done - I thought I had every detail measured out, only to find that I have got it all WRONG. So I decided to find a...

Treated Wood Fence
Putting up a fence around your garden may be a matter of necessity or a matter of landscape improvement. Whatever your reason, you will want to do the job in style. And you will want to make sure your new fence fits well into your outdoor...

Wood Fence
Designed and built correctly, a wood fence looks as if it grew just in the right place. Very detailed instructions on building a wooden fence. To keep in what you want kept in and keep out what you want kept out around your place, you need a good...

Wood garden fences
As a rule, you should set fence posts about 6 to 8 apart. The spacing of the posts depends on the type of fence you build, the terrain, the purpose of the fence, and other such factors. Here are some suggestions on how to build wood fences. These...

Wood Picket Fence
To build a wood picket fence you should first plan for post placement and gates. Check the zoning laws to see if they permit your fence. Pre-cut and pre-treat your wood pickets before installing. It will save you time during the installation and...

Wood Picket Gate
This DIY Basic, brought to you by Sears, will provide tips on updating a landscape with a gate. A wood picket gate is a beautiful addition to any yard.

Wooden Fence
Free tips and suggestions on how to build wood fences. Tips can save you time, money and effort! Here are tips and suggestions on how to build wood fences. These tips can save you time, money and effort. Read all suggestions carefully before...

Wooden Fence Post
Wooden garden fence posts - the different options there are to secure a post for wooden garden fences. Timber posts are normally just square timber. Most fence posts are treated at the factory to prevent rot and insect attack and will not require...

Wooden Garden Gate
Two posts will do the job of supporting a gate, but with four you can extend the entrance and add architectural character. A vital part of any wooden garden gate construction is ensuring that it\'s properly supported by posts that can absorb the...

Wooden Panel Fence
Just 3 main steps to build a sturdy wood panel fence around your garden. A well-erected wooden panel fence is more than just a boundary; it can increase the attraction of your property especially if climbing plants are trained up and/or along it....

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