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Small utility table Plans

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Small utility table plansFree Small utility table plans - The best way to have a small utility table of the right size for your needs and available space is… to build it yourself. It can be made of wood, melamine or MDF, in a variety of costs, appearances and purposes. The legs chosen will also have a major impact on appearance and price. This small utility table plans will help you build just the ine you need. Trace two saw kerfs (saw-cuts) on the 5/8 in. MDF sheet as indicated on the cutting plan, so as to obtain two 24 in. x 42 in. panels, and cut the parts by sawing at the centre of those kerfs. Because of the kerfs, the panels will actually be less than 24 in. wide. Dry all surfaces with a slightly damp cloth. Apply wood glue on the surface of one panel, and then place the other panel on it. Make the rims of both panels as flush as possible. Since the glue is not sufficient to prevent the two panels from separating over time, they must be screwed together. The face on which to screw them is of course on the underside of the table... Continue on reading by following the small utility table plans link

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