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Chafing-Dish Buffet Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Chafing-Dish Buffet plansFree Chafing-Dish Buffet plans - Build a mission style chafing-dish buffet for the dining room with free plans. For the best effect it should be made of quartered oak, stained brown or weathered and trimmed with brass hardware. To save a great deal of uninteresting labor, secure the following pieces of stock, surfaced on four sides and cut to length. Begin the work on the rails for the sides of the stand. Have them all squared up to exactly the same length and to the correct width and thickness. Mark the tenons on the ends of each and cut them with a saw and chisel. When this is finished, try the legs to see that they are all the same length and that their surfaces are square with each other. Next mark the mortises in the legs for the tenons of the rails. To make the mortises, first bore to depth with a bit 1/8 in, smaller than the width of the mortise and cut to the line with a chisel.

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