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Compact TV Cabinet Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Compact TV Cabinet plansFree Compact TV Cabinet plans - Although desirable, it is not always easy to add life's little comforts into a bedroom where space is a premium. By the time room has been made for the necessities of life, such as bedside cabinets, closets and a chest of drawers, there is often no room for the TV. This was the problem that we came across when we decided to add a television to our bedroom. The only space we had was a 23 inch gap between two closets and putting a TV stand there looked ugly as it seemed to stick out too far. The solution was to design a top-heavy pine TV cabinet that gave the illusion of taking up less space than it actually does. The illusion is aided by the sweeping curves of the two sides, rather than utilizing straight lines.

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