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Date added:2011-09-08
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Display Cabinet plansFree Display Cabinet plans - My next project will be a small display cabinet we can hang on the wall to display small items like my wifes musk ox collection, or the various animal skulls I have collected over the years. The project is inspired by a display cabinet in James Krenovs A Cabinetmakers Notebook, pages 78 - 81 (the photo on page 78 is pictured on the right). I have decided to use through dovetails to join the top and bottom to the sides, and I will probably use wood for the shelves, but the dimensions and look to the piece will be similar. The project only uses about 10 board feet of wood, so I will probably use a wood I have never used before. I have not started building the project yet, but have developed a set of version 0.1 plans (PDF format, 147 Kb). There is also a web page showing my progress on the project, but since I have not started it, this is just a place holder until I get started.

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