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Building a Dinghy Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Building a Dinghy plansFree Building a Dinghy plans - The design is Apple Pie by Chuck Merrell-who has some nice things to say about the project. You can find the plans-and a lot of other neat stuff at Duckworks Magazine. First-the answer to The Question. I have been carrying around a copy of WoodenBoat featuring Commodore Munroes Egret since 1984. I have sailed other hull shapes, and looked at a lot of plans-even a few used boats in that time. But I kept coming back to that design. I will have to build it myself-and it looks like I have just about got the resources now. But before sliding down that slippery slope, I thought I would see what kind of surprises were in store for me, and whether or not I might actually be up to this sort of task. If a rowboat makes me crazy, I should probably take up knitting instead. This is my first-ever boatbuilding project, though not my first experience with epoxy and plywood construction. I have done a couple of darkroom sinks this way in the distant past. The challenge for me is the shape. The last few years has been spent on a quest for ever more perfect rectangles (barn carpentry); practice and more power tools the result. There is just one rectangle in this thing.

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