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Backyard Treehouse Plans

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Backyard Treehouse plansFree Backyard Treehouse plans - Out on a limb with a mouth full of nails, one dad suspends a shack 7 feet above his backyard. Here is how you can make a world-class backyard tree house. It is a common-sense rule of treehouse construction: Make it lightweight. So I felt some stirrings of anxiety when the stocky, bearded sawmill owner pulled up to the house with a flatbed trailer stacked with oak timbers. Full of water, densely grained and smelling like bourbon, the rough-cut framing lumber I would ordered spanned 18 feet and looked like bridge supports. As we offloaded the first 2 x 8, each of us taking an end in hand, I smiled doggedly to mask the strain I felt. He peered over the garden fence past the lilac bushes, and politely asked, What kind of treehouse are you building?

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