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Seat for Two Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Seat for Two plansFree Seat for Two plans - With its tall back and sloped down seat, this adirondack seat for two will be a favorite outdoor place. When it comes to comfortable outdoor seating, it is hard to beat an Adirondack chair. Unfortunately, many of us get to enjoy these relaxing chairs only seasonally, and finding room indoors for them during the winter can be a challenge. Keeping storage in mind, we developed a design that folds to 8 in. thick without sacrificing any of the classic Adirondack style, stability and comfort. If you prefer to relax alone or just want a more portable version, you can easily modify the dimensions of the two-seat chair. Building this chair is not difficult, and you do not need a shop full of tools. In fact, you could get by with only a jigsaw, router and drill/driver, although a table saw, band saw and finish sander will produce more refined results.

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