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Custom Storage Shed Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Custom Storage Shed plansFree Custom Storage Shed plans - The beauty of ordering an a-la-carte meal is that you get exactly what you want, customized to fit your culinary desires. If you don’t like vegetables, you’re not forced to pay for them. If you prefer a baked potato instead of fries, there’s no fuss over substitution. Now imagine applying that same concept to a storage shed. Rather than accept the one-size-fits-all approach of most ready-to-assemble kits, you can take a basic design and incorporate only those elements that fit your needs. You can create a structure that is the right size, boasts the amenities you want and matches the style of your house and its surroundings. Building an attractive shed such as the one you see here is not a complex project — if you can cut 2x4s, you can build this design. With its fully sheathed and sided walls, our shed is exceptionally sturdy. The treated timber foundation is very stable and simple to build. And the use of cedar throughout the structure gives the shed a very high-end, upscale appearance. But what makes this shed so easy to customize is its modular nature. Each stud wall and truss is assembled independently; then the units are joined together to form the whole. If you need a larger structure, just increase the length of the stud walls. If you want more (or fewer) windows, simply incorporate the appropriate framing into the stud walls. If you need a steeper roof to match the pitch of your house, just change the angle of the truss members and truss gussets. In short, you can easily transform this design into the exact structure you need.

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