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High Quality Wooden Boat Plans
If you are anything like me, you just can not stomach the thought of spending thousands of dollars on a factory made boat. Well, I have good news for you, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO! I have got simple, easy-to-follow plans that will allow anyone from any...

Accent Stripes
Making accent stripes which are a little more complex than a single strip that contrasts with the basic hull color is not difficult, but it does take some thought and a little extra time. This section details making a three-part stripe - that is,...

Backyard Wooden Boat
Build a boat using balsa wood for your backyard stream or pond. Most any kid can spend an afternoon fishing with a homemade pole on the banks of a river, or building dams, bridges and pools. It only takes a little bit of imagination to create a...

Boat Dock and Shelter
Free Boat Dock and Shelter Detail Plan

Boat Docking Assistant
As a frequent solo boater, Stony Lake cottager Doug Maclaren does not usually have someone on hand to help him dock his pontoon boat. Instead, the 81-year-old maintained his independence by designing his own docking assistant. An angled arm, made...

Cardboard Canoe for your Kids
This instructable shows how my friend Jared, my brother, and I built a cardboard canoe for his kids to play with in the swimming pool. We have attached the canoe design so that you can print it out and scale it to however big you want the canoe...

Download complete plans with a list of materials needed to build this great 10 x 20 ft. dock.

Add this easy-to-build dock with minimal environmental impact to your lakefront property. After hauling my old dock onto dry land last summer, I quickly discovered I needed to replace it. Nothing was salvageable. Rotten, waterlogged timbers and...

Duct Tape Boat
This weekend project will amaze your friends and provide loads of enterianment. It proves that duct take can do any thing. Begin makeing the frame by laying out a length of hog paneling and bending one end up 45 degrees and bending the opposite...

Fishing Rod
Here is the way to make a good serviceable fish pole. Get four pieces of hickory or any hard wood and trim them nicely to even length, say two feet.

Fishing Rod Rack
Make your own fishing rod holder plan

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