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Simple Gothic Bench Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Simple Gothic Bench plansFree Simple Gothic Bench plans - In the last five years splendid medieval pavilions have replaced blue plastic tarps at tourneys and camping events. The use of medieval furniture, however, has lagged somewhat behind this trend. Although a few craftsmen are making fine medieval and Renaissance furniture, most of us still sit on director's chairs at events. This article is aimed at making some medieval seating more accessible. Medieval furniture can demand a lot of skill and workmanship. Some medieval furniture does not work well in a Society environment, where we must pack all our goods in our cars before and after an event. There is no reason to resign ourselves to director's chairs, however, as some medieval seating was quite simple and can be easily made by anyone who can use a drill and a saw. This article describes how to build a simple Gothic-style bench. The materials are very inexpensive - around ten dollars or so. The skills needed to make this bench are not very demanding, as the design is quite simple and does not require much experience with woodworking. Complex tools are not needed. The bench that results can be packed as a relatively flat set of boards. Best of all, the result is both attractive and medieval.

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