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Curved bedside cabinets Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Curved bedside cabinets plansFree Curved bedside cabinets plans - Most bedside cabinets are a rather dull design, being simply a box-like shape. When the below bedside cabinets were designed, we wanted to subtly change the shape and feel of the cabinets, but without removing any of the functionality. The basic requirement was to provide two large drawers (for knickknacks of additional clothing), and a shelf area for putting extra books, or anything else that is considered a bedside necessity. In order to change the shape slightly, it was decided to make the front of the cabinet curved, rather than producing the more normal flat drawer fronts. Before anyone throws up their hands in disgust, thinking that we used some sort of steamer to bend the wood, do not worry...we cheated! No wood has been bent: instead, it has simply been planed and sanded into this shape.

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