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Bat House Construction Plans

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Bat House Construction plansFree Bat House Construction plans - Generally, bat houses should be placed in rural locations such as on farms, acreages, or natural areas where other habitat needs are present. Bat houses will be occupied more frequently when they are installed in areas where bats already exist. Several approaches can be used to determine if bats occur in your area: 1. observe outdoor lamps at night to see if bats are feeding on the insects that have gathered there, 2. ask friends and neighbors, your local extension educator, nature center, Nebraska Master Naturalist, or wildlife officials about their knowledge of bats in the area, or 3. try using a bat detector, a device that can detect ultrasonic bat sounds. Even if bats don’t live in your area, you may be able to attract them by installing bat houses. Since bats consume a significant amount of energy when flying, they are more likely to live in a structure close to food and water. Place bat houses within ¼ mile of standing water, such as a stream or pond that will provide bats with water and habitat for their prey, namely insects. Areas prone to use of insecticide may not be as successful as locations where insecticide use is limited.

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