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Bench Top Workbench Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Bench Top Workbench plansFree Bench Top Workbench plans - Woodworking benches are designed to place a workpiece at a height that’s ideal for handplaning. But the perfect height for planing often is too low for other common bench tasks. For example, when routing, carving, cutting dovetails, or doing layout, I frequently have found myself bent over at an uncomfortable angle so that I could see clearly and work effectively. When performing these tasks, I like to have a workpiece positioned 6 in. to 10 in. above my waist level. To bring a workpiece to my ideal height range, I made a small workbench that mounts quickly to my regular bench. When extra height is needed, the minibench effectively raises the worksurface to my comfort zone. The bench is easy to move, stores nicely under my bigger bench, and includes a vise that provides plenty of holding force. I made the bench out of maple, but any hard, dense wood will work.

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