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Simple Garage Or Outdoor Building Plans
There is a dirty conspiracy going on for years where companies are charging hundreds of dollars just for one simple garage plan. Today I am about to do something that is radically different than has ever been done before. I am going to allow you...

Biscuit Fasteners
Here's a new use for plate joiner biscuits. I use them to make table top fasteners that hold the top securely in place, but still allow wood movement. To do this, you'll need a plate joiner, some biscuits, a piece of ¾" stock and some screws.

3-in-1 Joinery Jig for the Tablesaw
Much like the combo machines that condense all your woodworking needs into one machine, this jig will save you time, materials, and space. Instead of making three separate jigs for common woodworking joinery, Doug Blacke found a way to combine...

AcuMiter™ Sled
Thanks for taking a look at my plans for the AcuMiter™ Sled. If you build it carefully, you can expect to be able to make repeatable miter cuts that are accurate to well within .029

Alignment Jig for Face to Face Gluing
When gluing two or more pieces face to face (like making a set of thick legs for a project), they tend to slip out of alignment as you tighten the clamps. One solution is to drive a couple short brads in one piece and snip off the heads as shown...

Band Saw Log Resaw Sled
A shop built sled to allow resawing found wood into lumber useful for woodworking projects. This is my impression of what the guys at Wood Magazine are talking about. I came up with the plan, this is NOT a copy of the Wood Magazine version.

Circular Saw Jig for Repeatable Cuts
This is a jig to allow the user to make repeatable cuts with a circular saw.

Dado jig
this is a variation of the dado jig by Marc Spagnuolo on The Wood Whisperer at thewoodwhisperer.com

Finger or Box Joint Jig
Building a Finger or Box Joint Jig

Frame Miter Clamping Jig
From 200 Original Shop Aids & Jigs for Woodworkers by Rosario Capotosto

Framing Square Clamping Jig
This jig holds a framing square so it can be clamped, freeing up you hands so that a combination square and pencil can be used to mark a tenon.

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