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The Complete Intarsia Manual
There are quite a few books by intarsians that explain their techniques. Hundreds more have been published covering different tools, woods and finishes - plus of course there are thousands of websites packed with information. The trouble is it can...

Tall Featherboard
I use my table saw when cutting a groove in the edge of a workpiece. To keep tall pieces stable during the cut I made a featherboard that applies pressure over a wider area of the board. As you can see in the photo, my design doesn't look like a...

Feather board
This hardly counts as the SuperStation's first project, but I wanted to report on it just because it was a first of using the Incra TS III with both the table saw and the new Rout-R-Lift. Did it all work at it was suppose to? Absolutely! The...

Feather Boards
Do you have a plan for making feather boards? I want to know what kind of wood to use, and how to cut the fingers so they're springy enough to hold my stock and prevent kickback, too.

A featherboard applies pressure to the edge of a board while it is being run through a machine. Host David Thiel explains how to make a featherboard for the saw and router.

A featherboard is a very useful tool when cutting thin stock on a table saw or router table, and is quite easy to make. Every woodworker should make and keep a few on hand.

jig for making feather boards
Simple jig to use with clamps to make feather boards

After posting a How To on making traditional feather boards I received a number of e-mails, and one in particular caught my eye. It seems the fellow doesn't have a band saw which negates the band saw method of making a feather board, and he was...

Lexan Feather Boards
These are feather boards (finger boards, hold downs, hold ins.) that I designed using lexan rather than cutting fingers in wood or buying plastic types. The one that mounts on the SMT fence is obviously for the Ryobi BT3 line of table saws. The...

New Kind of Featherboard
I've always had problems with traditional finger-type featherboards. It's a real nuisance to discover that when the featherboard is applying enough pressure to hold the workpiece securely, it's hard to push the wood through the blade. I finally...

Traditional Feather Boards
Feather boards have been around in one form or another for a long time and for most woodworkers they are invaluable. It's like having a second or third pair of hands that never get tired. Below are two methods that I've used to make feather boards...

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