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Enormous Colelction of Woodworking Plans Enormous Collection Of Woodworking
If you have a passion for woodworking, you would have spent hundreds of dollars or more on woodworking projects. It will take you a lot longer than you thought or you might have quit because you got your measurements all wrong! I understand your...

Frame Loom
Before weaving a rug, you'll need a frame loom. Learn about rug weaving and how to weave with a frame loom in this free video. Read more: How to Make a Frame Loom | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/video_4429958_make-frame-loom.html#ixzz1YnACQF00

With inexpensive machine-made cloth increasingly available almost everywhere, it seems likely that fewer and fewer people will be interested in producing their own cloth. As a result, handweaving may be in danger of becoming a neglected craft. Yet...

Henry loom
Here's a simple loom that will make your tablet weaving a little easier! I call it the Henry loom, named after my ancestor, Henry Swan, who was a professional weaver in the late 1700's.

In vain having looked for on Internet the free plans of a correct loom, we decided to realize them and to supply them to you ourselves... It is a question one of our looms, type Scandinavian but realized in France in the years 1980-1985. Inspired...

Oseberg Tablet Weaving Loom
This loom is a project I started in early 2005 (February or March), and then set the project aside, only getting back to finishing it in June of 2006. This article is not about how to construct the loom, but about my experiences in making the...

Peg Loom
These easy to build looms will enable you to make colourful rag rugs from unwanted clothes or material.

Picture Frame Loom
First, a frame. Easiest of all is to rummage through your attic, basement or garage to see if you can find a sturdy old picture frame. Remove the glass, and Presto! You have a loom. Thirty to forty inches in the greatest dimension is ideal, but...

Simple Frame Loom
This page contains instructions on how to build a simple frame loom. This is the first page in a three part series showing how to build, warp, and weave a frame loom. The frame loom is easy to make and use, and offers a great introduction to...

Small Child's Hand Loom Toy
These are plans for a small working hand loom for children and crafts. Doll-house rugs, pot holders and dish pads of embroidery thread, yarn or ordinary cotton string, are hut a few of the many practical items that one can weave on this simple...

While researching the Internet for my Knitting Nancy weaving page I came across a reference to something called a triangle loom. What caught my attention was the comment that these looms weave in such a manner that warps are automatically created...

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