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Professional Shed And Woodworking Plans
Learn how to start building sheds of all types and sizes. The trick is to take advantage of proven plans, step by step guides and expert advice. This downloadable package is like having an professional woodworker around at all times to help you...

Barbecue Cart
Have you ever noticed how outdoor cooking can often take a lot more effort and work than it really should? It seems that no matter how carefully you prepare for the job, you always have to run back into the house to get something you forgot or --...

Barbecue Pit with Shelter
Build a large BBQ pit with a screened in shelter around it. Plans are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Barbecue Tool Cabinet
Turning a basic outdoor grill into a true outdoor kitchen can be a simple as adding a few key additions. Try implementing this Free Barbecue Tool Cabinet Plan. Perfect when constructed with Cedar, it’s a great way to safely store your...

Barbecue wind screen
Now, thanks to his two-part folding wind screen, Quiquero can flip burgers and enjoy the sunset in unruffled calm. Borrowing the concept from fellow Huron cottagers Richard and Brenda Scott, Quiquero ordered two sheets of 3/16 inch Lexan from a...

BBQ Grill
Plans to build stone, brick and concrete barbecue grills.

BBQ Trolley
Used as a table, bar or buffet, this project will take about 2-3 weekends to complete and will cost around $250 in materials.

Brick BBQ
Plans to build a brick backyard barbecue pit.

Brick BBQ Pit With Wood Storage Rack
An extra bit of space in your back yard plus a little time to kill are all you need to install a permanent picnic right at home. Outdoor cookery gives an extra zest to food.

Built in braai
How to build a braai that is built in and perfect for entertaining on the patio. This project uses coprox masonry dualcote for a decorative finish and the doors are finished with woodoc 30 low gloss polywax sealer This braai originally sat on a...

Camp Stoves
Plans To Build A Concrete Block Grill That Is Easy To Dismantle And Move. Author Lynn Hannaman, Category B-B-Que. Multimedia and Publication page posted in Category B-B-Que on August, 2005. Content intended for General Public, General and...

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