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Backyard Horseshoe Court Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Backyard Horseshoe Court plansFree Backyard Horseshoe Court plans - So you wanna pitch shoes in your backyard with your kids or neighbor without constructing a professionally designed regulation court... Well, it is easy as planting two stakes in level ground. Measure off 40 feet and drive two 36 inch x 1 inch smooth iron rod into the ground at an angle of about 12 degrees from vertical until 14 inches remains above ground so each leans toward the opposite stake. Use a shovel to loosen the top 2 to 4 inches of soil (any deeper and the stake may not have good anchorage). A steel plate welded across the part of stake driven into the ground would help anchor the stake. Place foul lines at 27 and 37 ft from each stake...the 27 ft foul line is to be used by children up thru 18 yrs of age, women and elder men (70 yrs of age or more) and the 37 ft foul line is to be used by all other adult men. There you go....start pitching shoes.

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