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When I built my first deck, almost 20 years ago, I thought I had it all figured out. 4 exhausting months later, I still was not done - I thought I had every detail measured out, only to find that I have got it all WRONG. So I decided to find a...

Circular Window Frame
I just finished maple kitchen cabinets for my brother and sister-in-law's new house. They had an odd, little round window looking down from their daughter's room into the living room below. The builder just drywalled up to the edge of it, but they...

Double Hung Repair
Fix broken ropes and free up painted-shut sashes.

Fixed Window Awnings
A simple awning made from cut wood and shade cloth, can add color and character to your house. This 20 inch (500mm) high, 24 inch (600mm) deep design will fit a window of up to 4 ft (1,2m) wide.

Install Interior Shutters
Ordering and fitting wood or vinyl shutters.

Installing A New Window
Recently I helped a friend remodel two bathrooms in an old 1890's house. The upstairs bath had a tiny 30 inch square galvanized steel shower stall that looked downright hideous. As far as we could tell, the second-floor bath had been added in the...

Louvered Window Awning
Flexfence louvered window awning measuring 4' x 3'

Shade Cloth DIY Awnings
With just a little extra work and effort, a plain awning may be given a curved effect guaranteed to add character to even the most ordinary facade. This 24 inch (600mm) deep design will fit a window of up to 4 ft (1,2m) wide and may be made to...

Before you install a window, determine if the wall into which it's being installed is a load-bearing wall. If it is, you'll have to build a temporary structure--a header and two side posts--to support all the ceiling joists that will be affected...

Traditional Casing For New Windows
In our garage makeover project we had to replace 3 windows. We wanted to re-create the window trim so it would look like the original, or at least look like the other old garages and houses in the neighborhood.

How to make a window suitable for a shed or playhouse. The window frame in this project is made out of 150x50 (2x6) dressed/surfaced lumber which is a common stock size. However, the actual size of the lumber when dressed finishes at approximately...

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