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Professional Shed And Woodworking Plans
Learn how to start building sheds of all types and sizes. The trick is to take advantage of proven plans, step by step guides and expert advice. This downloadable package is like having an professional woodworker around at all times to help you...

Hi Fi Speaker
Two articles. The first high-fidelity speaker enclosure features a unique acoustic prism that will make your records shine! The second will thrill you with lifelike reproduction, solid bass and clear treble tones that you probably didn't know were...

Speaker stand
The first few paycheques I earned after high school went toward the biggest, loudest set of speakers I could afford. The key features for me were size and volume-and the gigantic set I bought could shake window panes at half the volume. But 10...

Speaker Stand
Cut the components shown below from 3/4 material, the dimensions given are for the 9 wide speaker shown in the photo, the height and size of the top and base can be altered to fit your speakers.

Speaker Stand with Hidden Storage
Don't you love hearing great sound with your movies at home? A pair of these oak stands puts today's small speakers at the ideal height—3 ft. above the floor. We've built cabinets under the speakers that hold a total of 60 DVDs behind secret...

Speakers Step-by-Step
It was back in 1924 that a couple of researchers from General Electric, Chester Rice and Edward Kellogg, patented what remains the basic design for virtually all the world's loudspeakers. In the 84 years since, engineers and enthusiasts have...

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