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Professional Shed And Woodworking Plans
Learn how to start building sheds of all types and sizes. The trick is to take advantage of proven plans, step by step guides and expert advice. This downloadable package is like having an professional woodworker around at all times to help you...

Fruit Bowl
Craft a gorgeous fruit or decorative bowl in a matter of hours using the Mini Grinder Power Tool.

burl bowl
In our latest project plan, Travis shows how to create a burl bowl. Here, Travis has used a Wandoo burl to craft a beautiful table centrepiece, however any piece of timber deep enough to form a bowl could be utilised.

Cedar Bucket
When the barrel holding my hens & chicks started falling apart last summer I started thinking about making my own bucket. I searched the web and was able to find some helpful articles that explained how to go about it.

Water Bucket
A decorative wooden bucket. This wooden bucket is decorative in the sense that it can\'t be used for some of the tasks expected of a standard bucket, such as carrying water. It does, however, have other practical uses and makes a very attractive...

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