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Chamfer Plane Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Chamfer Plane plansFree Chamfer Plane plans - This is my version of the chamfer plane that appears in John M. Whelans Making Traditional Wooden Planes. Rather than stick with tradition, I decided to make a two piece laminated body. These plans are for a wooden chamfer plane modelled after the chamfer plane shown in Making Traditional Wooden Planes by John M. Whelan. My plans differ slightly because I used a two piece laminated plane body instead of the single block used by Whelan. My plane iron is a bit wider than his, so my plane body is also slightly larger. Detailed instructions on plane making appear in Whelan’s book and should be consulted as a supplement to these plans. The first set of plans show the body of the plane. Two pegs through the body will strengthen the connection between the halves of the body. Constructing the plane this way is much easier because we can saw and chisel the mortise.

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