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Folding sawhorse Plans

Category:Workshop Sawhorses and Shaving Horses
Date added:2011-09-08
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Folding sawhorse plansFree Folding sawhorse plans - This folding saw horse folds down to just 3 and a half inches deep and can be hung on a wall or stored in narrow gaps. Folding sawhorse features a versatile, interchangeable cross bar - multiple cross bars can be made for varying lengths and purposes, including in/out-feed rollers, carpeted/padded (will not mar finished surfaces), notched for holding clamps, or just plain sacrificial cross bars that can be thrown out when the saw has cut through the top edge too many times. The support rope at the bottom can be left on at all times and can be retied/tightened if it stretches. A set of sawhorses always comes in handy - until you put them away. They are hard to stack, and they take up valuable space. So I built a pair of sawhorses that knock down for storage. Besides saving space, these sawhorses can be assembled (or taken apart) in just a few seconds. If you look at the folding sawhorse plans, it is easy to see how this works. Each sawhorse consists of a long stretcher that fits down into a notch in two A-shaped supports. (I used 1x4 pine.)

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