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Firewood Rack
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Lumber Rack
A VERY simple lumber rack designed to hold dimensional lumber temporarily. Specifically this is designed to hold fencing materials in a constrained space until the landscape work can be completed for my fence. Materials are all scrap lumber, 2x4s...

DIY experts explain how to make a lumber rack that will help keep any workshop organized. Screw the lumber rack into a permanent spot in the shop, or add casters so it can be moved around.

Lumber Storage Rack
If you are like me, your lumber storage can get out of hand, especially this time of the year. When you have multiple projects going on, it is too easy to just set down your scrap and continue working. Well, this isn’t the end all...

Overhead Lumber Rack
When extra storage space for your lumber is an issue there are lots of different ways to handle the problem. This overhead lumber rack keeps wood stored neatly and out of the way without taking up valuable floor space. But even better than that...

Panel-Cutting Lumber Cart
I use quite a bit of plywood for furniture and shop projects. But I always end up with a number of odd-sized pieces left over. Although they're not as big as full sheets, these cutoffs still take up a lot of space. My solution is this lumber...

Roll-Around Store-All
It's like having a lumber yard in your shop. Storage for long boards, short cutoffs, and sheet material. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra. (See download link above)

Learn how to make a sheet goods cart that will help maneuver large sheets of plywood or drywall around a workshop.

Sheet Goods Cart
Every shop can benefit by increasing storage and reducing clutter. If wall space is at a premium in your shop, our sheet goods cart is a clever alternative to permanent shelving. Made of inexpensive CDX plywood, the cart occupies only 12 square...

David Thiel explains how to make a storage rack for tall sheet goods. This is a handy storage unit for any workshop.

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