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The Complete Intarsia Manual
There are quite a few books by intarsians that explain their techniques. Hundreds more have been published covering different tools, woods and finishes - plus of course there are thousands of websites packed with information. The trouble is it can...

Drill Press Table & Fence System
When I turn to the drill press, it's because I need precisely placed and perfectly straight holes. But the standard, cast iron table won't support anything but the smallest workpiece. Then, trying to clamp a workpiece in place can be a frustrating...

Emergency Depth Stop
Whenever you need an odd size of depth stop, drill through a dowel or piece of square stock (at least twice the diameter of your drill) with the bit and then cut the wood to length. It may be a tiny bit awkward, but it still makes a good depth stop.

Low-Tech Drill Guide
If you count speed, accuracy, and convenience important in your shop, a drill press fits the description. But you can still get good results with a hand-held drill as well.

Wood Plug Drill Press Jig
Cutting wood plugs can be a tedious and time-consuming task. So I built a jig to make it easier. This jig cuts plugs in long rows on narrow strips of wood, so there’s minimal waste left around each plug. And once the plugs are cut, they can...

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