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When I built my first deck, almost 20 years ago, I thought I had it all figured out. 4 exhausting months later, I still was not done - I thought I had every detail measured out, only to find that I have got it all WRONG. So I decided to find a...

This project began in the summer of 2002 with the desire to get rid of some ugly speaker stand/storage boxes I made a few years ago (which you can see in some of the pics of the monitor stand project). In addition to serving as speaker stand, the...

Armour Stand
Quite a few people have asked how to build a display stand so that they may show off their armour at their home, event or wherever. I have an armour stand that I designed that has served me very well for quite some time, and is simple in it's...

Bedroom TV Stand
Here's a variation on my first TV Stand that's meant for the bedroom. This one has a combination of open and closed shelving and drawer space. It's 36 high, 25 wide and 18 1/2 deep.

Bike rack
A woodworking model, each enity is a seperate component that can be manipulated and measured individually.

Car Computer Stand
The first thing I got was a water flex line, two 3/4 inch nipples and two flange plates. Even though this ultimately didn't work it was a really good way to make the layout for my final project. If you don't mess it up you can return the flex pipe...

Christmas Stocking Tree Stand
This makes an adorable Christmas stocking tree. It can also be used for hanging other items, such as holiday banners, small quilts, artwork etc.

This project grew from the frustration of having to reach behind my computer one too many times to connect/disconnect A/V cables. Keep in mind, in 2001 most computer manufactures did not include front mounted A/V and USB ports so I decided the...

This DIY Basic will provide tips on building a billiard cue rack.

Cupcake Stand
These things have become super popular lately, and I wanted to figure one out for later this summer but had the chance to use one for graduation so a few scraps and $5 in supplies later here it is...Super sturdy, holds close to 100 cupcakes and...

Equatorial Telescope Mount
Sometimes what you need is a quick telescope mount that you can make from readily available, inexpensive materials in one weekend. No fancy machined parts. No mail order stuff that takes two weeks to not get there. Just go down to the local home...

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