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How To Build Toy Train Table Plans
The train table plans are sought after by parents and grandparents worldwide! To our surprise the tables have been built by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends as a gift to their loved ones. People from United States, Canada,...

THE realistic toy plane shown in the photos above was copied from the U. S. Navy Corsair. The body or fuselage is turned in the lathe as shown in photo 2. The cockpit cover is also turned on the lathe and then cut in two parts lengthwise. This...

Albatros Glider
This free woodworking plan comes with 7 pages of very detailed diagrams on how to construct this model. The plan also has a website address for more information. The plan is in DWG formt, so youll need a software package to read those types of files.

AMP 015 Sport RC model
This plan has 3 DWG files that show the contruction of the RC model airplane. The instruction appear to be in French, but the diagrams are very detailed.

Buzzard Bombshell
The buzzard bombshell plan is in DWG and DXF format. You can find free viewers for both of these file types. The plans are very detailed and fully scale so you can trace all of the parts to your balsa wood for construction.

Cad Kaos Model Airplane
An airplane with a 58 inch span is nothing to take lightly. This free plan is in both DWG and DXF CAD format. All of the parts a drawn in fully scale so you can trace your parts. The plan shows servo, motor, and tank placement.

CF-105 Jet Airplane
This is a propeller powered jet airplane. The wing span is 21 inches and the overall length is 33 inches. The woodworking plan is provided in DWG format and is drawen in full scale. Must be plotted on 36 plotter paper.

Fun And Easy Model Sailboat
We are two students from the Technical University of Eindhoven and we are currently working on Protei, an open-source initiative to develop sailing drones to clean the oceans. We designed and built a sailboat that could be easily adapted to...

Model Airplane
The model airplanes illustrated, while they do not exemplify the very best performance or design, nevertheless have proved to be very satisfactory in flight. They also include structural features that make them easy to build. Because of this...

Model Rocket
The Cyclone is a BT-20 medium-sized model rocket that uses a unicopter recovery system based on the dynamics of a maple seed. These plans are derived from the final version of the rocket, which has been extensively flight tested. The model is easy...

REP Type B 1910

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