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Raised Garden Beds Plans
Raised Garden Beds Plans - Use our simple to follow step by step plans to build your very own raised garden beds at home.

Lawn Furniture
Easy to follow plans for a single chair and love seat both with Adirondack styling. This high backed furniture can be completed in a weekend and makes a great addition to your families outdoor enjoyment.

Lawn/Patio Chair
If you've priced well-designed, sturdy, outdoor furniture, then you know you'll be well ahead if you built it yourself. Our outdoor furniture plans give you the opportunity to construct durable, easy-to-build lawn furniture at a fraction of retail...

Limbert Outdoor Cafe Chair
A great chair to make in pairs (or more), this outdoor version of a classic Charles Limbert Arts & Crafts cafe chair is simple to make using basic home center lumber and only a few common tools. Very little woodworking experience required.

This patio lounger can be built from a number of different material. If it will be exposed to the elements on a patio or deck that isn’t covered, you should use a wood that is naturally resistant to rot or decay. A couple of examples are...

Lush slate patio
Heres how to make a great bench that doubles as storage for those hoses lying around your house. This project only takes about 2 days to complete. Surround a small slate patio with lush plantings for a versatile backyard retreat space. This one is...

Original Adirondack Chair
When I was a budding entrepreneur (does that ever change), I decided to build an Adirondack chair based on a plan in a woodworking magazine. I built the chair and immediately thought that I should sell the chairs. Before doing that, I decided it...

Outdoor Bar
Patio Outdoor Bars come in many styles and designs to fit your outdoor lifestyle. Your outdoor bar plans can make the difference between an outdoor party that is ok to one where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed, and has a great time. Outdoor...

Outdoor Duckboards
Duckboards...they shed water just like their namesake feathered friends...which makes them well-suited for duty as water-resistant platforms for storing hoses, patio furniture, garden walkways or a host of other outdoor applications. They are...

Outdoor folding table
Make your outdoor entertaining a little easier with this folding serving-tray table inspired by the experts of professional entertainment: caterers. Just like the equipment used by these hospitality professionals, this project includes both a...

Outdoor Garden Bench
Built from pine boards available from you local home store, this outdoor bench can be built with only a jigsaw and screw gun. A simply coat of paint to match your decor and you eill be sitting pretty! This project is one of many from Backyard...

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