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Inovative Woodworking Project Plans
You do not have to be a professional builder to build an amazing patio, deck, picnic table, small building, or revitalize your home with a sleek new design, look, and feel. In fact, you do not even have to know anything about woodworking or...

16 Drawer Apothecary Chest
Apothecary chests have been around for centuries and are a great place to store almost anything. Originally designed for storing herbs, and medical powders, they have evolved into a "Catch-All" for almost anything, from sewing equipment to nuts...

Ammo Box
Woodworking plans for building an antique style British Army small ammunition box with sliding lid.

Ammunition Box
The British Army 560-cartridge small arms ammunition box of the period was a wooden box with a sliding lid section on the top. It was held together by brass self-tapping screws and glued.

Animal Media Boxes
Woodware Designs provides plans for low-stress computer furniture to be build by the home crafts person.

Antique Style Ammo Box
I built this box to demonstrate many of the joints covered in my book JOINERY BASICS . There are step-by-step directions in the book and instructions on how to make all of the joints. These plans are reprinted with permission from the book...

Ball puzzle box
At first sight it is not obvious why is this box called the Ball puzzle box, but when you study its mechanism, you will realise, that one small ball play a great role in the magic of this puzzle box. This puzzle box looks quite simple and you can...

Bandsaw Boxes
Bandsaw boxes are novel in their design, deceptively simple to build and make perfect jewelry, trinket or keepsake boxes. And the best part of all is that you don't need a bunch of fancy joinery tools to build them. Just a Bandsaw. Their...

Bandsawn Boxes
Use your bandsaw to make fun and attractive small boxes. There are a variety of ways to make boxes on the band saw, but they all entail the same basic idea. You hollow out the cavity of the box by cutting out a large central section, then glue...

Bead Board Chest and Bench
The simplest builds often have the greatest impacts on interiors. This bead board chest plan is an easy to understand how-to guide to create a storage unit and extra seating in one project. It is simple to upgrade to a more high end piece through...

Beer Case
Woodworking plans and instructions for building a wooden beer case.

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