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Elegant patio set
This table and chairs set is great on the deck, patio or balcony

Umbrella table
Splayed legs give this diminutive umbrella table a sturdy stance. When faced with the problem of designing a small side table to support a patio umbrella, I turned to a shape engineers have been using for centuries for strength and stability: the...

Bike Rack
Build this customizable rack for three, four or more bikes. The bike rack at left is similar to one I built on Home and Garden Television's In The Workshop, with one major change; the one here is made of Trex recycled decking boards. On television...

Baby Changing Table
Changing tables are wonderful, but very expensive. Building your own saves a lot of money. Baby changing tables are a wonderful - yet expensive - addition to any nursery. With that in mind we set about building a baby changing table that would...

Baby Cradle
BUILT to the dimensions given, this makes an attractive and somewhat different baby cradle; cut the dimensions in half and you have an equally pleasing doll cradle. Start the construction by gluing-up the lumber in the square to the sizes shown at...

Newspaper recycling box
If you're a great newspaper fan and have one delivered every day, along with lots of junk mail fliers, a tide of newsprint is probably rising around your reading chair and coffee table. This project is the solution. It gives you a place to neatly...

Fireside bench
Gather round and sing your best tunes by the firepit on this sturdy bench. These curved hardwood benches are designed to wrap around a firepit , but their natural shape and charming design also make them perfect accent pieces for the garden. The...

Basic Picnic Table
Plans with diagrams to build a basic picnic table.Standard dimensional lumber, to me, means 2-by-4 and 2-by-6's. Uncomplicated means, no fancy joinery or tools required beyond the basic circular saw and basic carpentry hand tools. User friendly...

Basic Workbench
Even if youre a wizard with tools, you cant cut a straight line or plane a true edge without a solid surface to work on. A rickety table or wobbly counter cant securely support your work. And with power tools, a shaky surface is downright...

Mission-style table set
There's a reason Arts and Crafts furniture never goes out of style. Clean, refined lines and practical functionality have made Mission furniture one of the most enduring furniture styles of the last 100 years. As part of the Arts and Crafts...

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