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Storage Shed
Detailed woodworking plans and instructions for building a very nice storage shed for the yard or garden.

Apothecary Chest
Build this apothecary chest with sixteen drawers that stands on its own and is used for storing odds and ends. Here's a great piece of furniture that will solve a BIG storage problem - where to put those sewing supplies, scissors, decks of cards,...

Garden Shed
This garden shed offers lots of storage space and can be easily built with the help of these step by step instructions.

Hideaway Locker
If your stuff is spread all over and there's just no place to put it, you must need more storage. This hideaway locker is the answer! Made from solid oak and oak plywood, it is designed to roll easily under a bed. This project will give advanced...

Deck Island
Think of your deck as a roofless, part-time room with several full-time jobs. For many of us, it's sometimes a kitchen, and it's been known to turn into a tanning spa on a sunny day, then change into a family room for a warm summer night. My...

Outdoor storage bench
Your backyard doesn’t have enough of two things: seating and storage. This elegant cedar deck box offers extra seating for unexpected guests as well as plenty of storage under the lid for cushions, small gardening tools and other odds and...

Angled Wine Rack
Since most wine gets better with age, wine enthusiasts need a method to store their bottles. Below you will find a free plan for a remarkably simple wall-mounted bottle storage rack that attractively displays your collection. We describe several...

Bed With Storage
When my daughter and her partner moved into their first home, they were faced with a challenge that comes with many compact, older houses: bedrooms that are short on space. Put a queen-size bed in there and the room gets tight. My solution is a...

Nightstand with storage
Building this companion nightstand is a lot like working on the bed. Cut the drawer openings in the maple-veneered front panels using the same plunge-cut technique detailed in “Retain the Grain: Drawing and Cutting Drawers” on page 38....

I love outdoor fire pits. Growing up I was always the one in charge of building and lighting the fire, but when I moved to the city, my days of outdoor blazes were over, until, that is, I purchased an outdoor fireplace for the back deck. Not only...

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