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Boot Washing Grate
Keep garden mud out of your house with this simple grate for rinsing off your boots. Cleaning garden mud from your boots is a tedious task that can be made easy with this handy boot-washing grate. Keep the grate outside, near your door-it'll be...

Classic night stand
The first nightstand I ever built was in carpentry school. Our class shared the shop with the cabinetmaking program, and working in that space really got me thinking about the direction I wanted my woodworking to go. When I built this version, I...

The Folding Luggage Stand
Give visiting house guests a far more convenient place to put their luggage than the guestroom floor!

Wooden Bird Bath
You can put together a bird bath stand like this one in an afternoon, that is sturdy enough to provide years of bird happiness. Check out Skils site for instructions and the complete down-low on how to build your own sweet bird bath stand. You...

LCD TV stand
I have been designing and making projects for the DIY for Divas and DIY vir Divas books that are due to launch shortly. The TV cabinet was one of the first projects that I tackled but being a typical woman, I changed my mind and made another one!...

Designer TV unit
A do-it-yourself project that shows you step-by-step how to make your own designer TV unit or stand using PG Bison MelaWood. This fairly simple DIY project can be tackled by a beginner DIY enthusiast. Detailed instructions for this project, with...

Aquarium Cabinet
I have built a cabinet for my 4ft aquarium myself, in order to save money. Despite it being a while since I got my GCSE in Craft Design and Technology, everything went to plan! I had two different ideas, one a box frame stand made from 2x2 wood,...

Aquarium Stand
This is the 55 gallon tank stand I designed. I personally did not want to spend the hundreds of dollars on a stand, and to have it not designed specifically for me. Instead, I spent roughly $130 on one that was designed specifically for me...and...

Double 55 Gallon Stand
After about a week and a half of planning and debating over what dimensions of wood I would use I finally got this started and finished in one day.

Wood Stand For Large Tanks
There are any number of plans for home made aquarium stands on the internet, but some of them start off with, I've never actually built this or they don't say it, but if you know a little about carpentry, after a few paragraphs, you realize they...

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