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Tool Shed
A garden tool shed that is easy enough to build in one day. The tool shed attaches to the house and provides a dry storage area to keep all your garden tools in one place. Build your own! It\'s much cheaper and you are guaranteed to get exactly...

Backyard potting center
Gardeners will appreciate this sturdy, good-looking workbench: Perfect for the behind-the-scenes dirty work of potting young plants, it also contains storage space for hand tools and supplies. This slender structure is an all-weather tool shed....

Under Eaves Toolshed
This slender structure is attached to the outside of the house. Attached to the outside of the house, this 15 ½-inch deep structure opens to reveal a spacious (7 ½ feet by 6 feet) storage area. The 72- by 80-inch opening accommodates two...

How to make a window suitable for a shed or playhouse. The window frame in this project is made out of 150x50 (2x6) dressed/surfaced lumber which is a common stock size. However, the actual size of the lumber when dressed finishes at approximately...

Wood Shed
Here is a woodshed from real wood-burners country

Tree House
My sister and I thrived in our tree house as kids. We refused as the summer heat turned to crisp fall to not spend a night a outside despite the mosquitoes. My father only built the best and the Free Tree House Plan is pretty similar to what I...

Deluxe Doghouse
Fido should be spending his or her sleeping hours in style. In fact, this is a great project to learn some framing techniques that you can use on other projects such as a playhouse, a shed, another shed, or a garage. Make your mistakes on this...

Wooden Shed
The following plan might require some advanced knowledge of building techniques since it is not much more than a set of detailed illustrations. However, if you are handy and looking for cool shed plans, this should inspire you. These shed plans...

Garden Shed
One of the best ways to tidy up a yard is by building a simple Garden Shed. It can house everything from sports equipment, to garden tools, especially if you include some additional storage. This free garden shed plan is a good wood work project...

Outdoor Duckboards
Duckboards...they shed water just like their namesake feathered friends...which makes them well-suited for duty as water-resistant platforms for storing hoses, patio furniture, garden walkways or a host of other outdoor applications. They are...

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