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Window Boxes
Many houses' styles are brightened and improved with colorful flowers in window boxes. These boxes are simple to build and in a weekend you can dress up your home and add the color and beauty the flowers can bring. There are a variety of...

Traditional Casing For New Windows
In our garage makeover project we had to replace 3 windows. We wanted to re-create the window trim so it would look like the original, or at least look like the other old garages and houses in the neighborhood.

Basic Planter Box
This planter does not have a bottom. It is designed to sit on the ground and be fixed to a structure such as a fence or an arbor.

Step-by-step instructions on how to build an arbor with pitched rafters. Adds that final touch to your yard.

Child Resistant Picket Gate
This project is to make a standard (36 in.) high picket gate a little bit harder for small kids to open and let themselves (as well as their dogs) into any area they may not be allowed into unsupervised. Child-proof maybe a bit too strong of a...

Fence Gate
In this project the measurements are given in both metric (mm) and imperial (inches). The metric dimensions are written first followed by the imperial dimensions in brackets. This project is a very basic 1800mm (6ft) high fence gate. It is an...

Lumber Driveway Gates
A fair amount of thought had to go into the design of these gates. The driveway had an uphill slope, therefore the bottom of the gates had to be about 250mm (10 inch) above the ground in closed position to allow the gates to open over the sloping...

Garden lumber steps
When building a low retaining wall in the garden or backyard for whatever reason (maybe just to level the section a bit), including some steps into the design can make the project both practical and aesthetically pleasing. As with any home...

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