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fter the success Frank Kahr had with Robote I designed a smaller version with most of the same features. The idea was to get a fast and seaworthy boat that would cartop so easily that you would want to leave it on the car top more or less all the...

A few years ago I built a small, pram, sailing-dinghy just for fooling around. Last summer, I wanted to introduce my young grand-niece and grand-nephew (ages nine and six respectively) to small boat sailing. The dinghy however is just a tad under...

Quick and Easy Oars
Rowing a boat takes more than just grabbing a pair of oars. Fitting oars of the proper size and weight to a boat means experimenting with blade area, weight and flexibility. Specific boats need specific oars.

Disk Sander
Build this disk sander with parts that are probably sitting around your shop gathering dust. All you need is a 1/4 hp or larger 1750 RPM electric motor, a v-pulley, switch, electrical cord and scraps of wood.

Shopmade 12 Inch Disk Sander
My disk sander is completed and ready to use. That's a great tool. All I needed was scraps, a 1/4 HP electric motor, a pulley, an electrical box, a switch and an electric cord (plus skills and imagination, of course!).

The materials used, the design, the permanent attachments, the number of legs, the crossbracing used, the storage space underneath... all of it has been argued by blokes before and it will be argued again. The one thing we all tend to agree on...

Building a Dinghy
The design is Apple Pie by Chuck Merrell-who has some nice things to say about the project. You can find the plans-and a lot of other neat stuff at Duckworks Magazine. First-the answer to The Question. I have been carrying around a copy of...

Yacht Tender Apple Pie
The Apple Pie is great for the first time builder and makes a fine yacht tender.

One of the first things many people say when looking out over a few acres is, they wish they had a pond. Ponds add scenic beauty to a property and provide opportunities for boating, swimming and fishing. Create your own spot for summer fun, as...

Paddle Lifejacket Hanger
Give old paddles and oars that are too cracked and worn for boating a second life on the waterfront as an all-purpose life jacket rack. It is a perfect hang-up for all those cottage PFDs and other odds and ends scattered around the dock, waiting...

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