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Disk Sander
Build this disk sander with parts that are probably sitting around your shop gathering dust. All you need is a 1/4 hp or larger 1750 RPM electric motor, a v-pulley, switch, electrical cord and scraps of wood.

Shop Made Belt Sander
Once you own a stationary belt sander, it is hard to imagine life without one. Clamped to a bench in your shop, these workhorses deburr, contour, polish, grind and shape almost any type of material. Great for the woodworking shop as well as the...

Simple Wooden Boat
Simple wood boat plan. Such a simple boat plan that they say anyone can make it. These plans are called the Anyones Boat, because as they claim, anyone can build it. You can power it with oars or outboard. Neither time nor cost should stop you....

Jet Ski With Outboard Motor
Before the jet ski, there was the aqua-rail. Powered by an outboard. The most attractive feature of the Aquarail is that she is a fast, highly maneuverable yet safe boat. With a high-pitch, two-blade prop on our 20-hp Chrysler outboard she does...

Free Banshee Hydroplane boat plan. Free boat plans, Boat Plan Resources, and free CAD boat drawing file downloads

Corky the sailing inner tube
This little gem is from a 1950 edition of Boat Builder's Annual. Here's a note from Tom Dacon who had one as a boy. Also a photo from Bryan Atwood of Ennis, TX who just built one for his two grandsons!

Dinghy - 57
I found the frame drawings of this dinghy in a book published in 1957, that's why "Dinghy -57". This is an adaptation of those drawings to stich and glue construction. The "Dinghy -57" measures 7'10" x 3'4" and barely fulfills my "minimum boat...

4.5m Dinghy
Just the two-person sailing boat - fast, efficient upwind, easily planing. However, you do not need racing skills or special fitness to sail her away.

It's official, I'm now one of those insane people who builds boats in the garage. OK, the first one's a small boat. A rowboat really. But these things are known to take on a life of their own. Pretty soon you're building a replica of the Graf Spee...

Carolina Sportfish 25 Cabin
The CX25 is an offshore boat based on the Carolina Sport Fishing boats lines. The hull is identical to our CS25. We offer two hull materials option: foam sandwich or plywood-epoxy-fiberglass composite.

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