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Sunfish Land Yacht
Here is a quick way to turn your Sunfish or any dinghy into a speedy landyacht. Sail to the boat ramp! A great thing about the sunfish rig is that the sail can swivel all the way around. That makes it safer than a landyacht with a stayed mast...

10 HP Hovercraft
I was looking for a project that my Grandson and I could build. together. We decided on a hovercraft after watching a TV special. Knowing absolutely nothing about hovercraft we researched the web on the subject and found the Universal Hovercraft...

Duct Tape Boat
This weekend project will amaze your friends and provide loads of enterianment. It proves that duct take can do any thing. Begin makeing the frame by laying out a length of hog paneling and bending one end up 45 degrees and bending the opposite...

One sheet Jonboat
The town I live in has a boat building/ racing contest every year. The challenge to this contest is the materials you are allowed to use as well as the ones you are not. You are limited to One sheet of plywood, Two 2x4s, One roll of duct tape, One...

Little Row Boat
The aim of this project was to create a small boat which could fit into the back of our car. Total length is 1.4m, width 0.8m and depth 0.3m. The boat (called Appie ) was made from plywood leftovers and pallet wood. The bottom is 3.5mm ply, the...

Marine Vinyl Boat Seats
Finally got a little time to do some work so I made new seats and motor box for the back of the boat. The plywood for the original motor box and seats was rotten to the the core so everything had to be rebuilt including new plywood, cushions, and...

8 ft Folding Kayak
I made an 8 feet Folding Kayak for around $100 based on plans by Jess E. Rathburn originally published in Popular Mechanics in 1963. The plans have been modified by multiple people and instructions are available online for free in various...

28 Foot Sharpie Sail Boat
Back in 1984 WoodenBoat published an article featuring the plans for Ralph M. Munroes Egret. (WoodenBoat #56,Plan 400-042 Also in Fifty Wooden Boats) They accompanied an article by Bill Schwicker which showed his plywood and epoxy interpretation...

Ice Boat
Plans for building a simple and fun ice boat. Although a full-rigged, delicately balanced ice-yacht looks like a very complicated piece of mechanism, when it is carefully examined the framework will be found to consist of two pieces crossing each...

Tyvek Sail
As you travel around near where you live, keep your eyes open for a house being built. The odds are that, after the walls have been sheathed with plywood, but before it has been covered with the finishing surface of shingles or clapboard or brick...

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