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The Cupola project, is a step by step instruction on how to build a coupla. Oh boy a new project! We got a weather vane for Christmas and have been trying to figure out where and how to mount it. We finally decided to mount it on our wheelhouse on...

Wooden Pedestal Lamp
This attractive walnut table lamp can be turned and finished on a on a wood lathe in just one day. The cupped base can serve as a holder for keys, coins, etc. It can be used as a bedside or study lamp. The dark-toned wood enhances both...

Butcher Block Style Cutting Board
Start by planing your stock to a uniform thickness. We are using 1-1/2 inch thick stock to create a heavy, solid cutting board. The thicker stock can prevent against warping over time and in the future when the top surface becomes rough and...

Corner Cabinet
This Free Corner Cabinet Plan shows how to use unoccupied corner in a kitchen efficiently. It’s a great place to store special glasses or cups away from those used every day. This corner cabinet plan could also would in a living room to hide...

Fruit Bowl
Craft a gorgeous fruit or decorative bowl in a matter of hours using the Mini Grinder Power Tool.

Tansu Cat Feeder
This project started summer of 2000 and finally finished up summer of 2002 (can you tell I move from project to project randomly?). It's the same basic tansu design as the aquarium stand but in mini-form and used as a cat feeder.

Sculptured Vase
Two for the price of one! In this Video tutorial, learn how to create a Relief Plaque and a Sculptured Vase using the Mini Grinder Power Tool.

scary Halloween face carving
This scary Halloween face carving is simple to do and can be made from scrap timber using the Arbortech Mini Grinder and Arbortech Power Chisel.

Carved Face Design
Free Carved Face Design Plan. Create this stunning face in hours using only the Mini Grinder!

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