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Shade Cloth DIY Awnings
With just a little extra work and effort, a plain awning may be given a curved effect guaranteed to add character to even the most ordinary facade. This 24 inch (600mm) deep design will fit a window of up to 4 ft (1,2m) wide and may be made to...

Fixed Window Awnings
A simple awning made from cut wood and shade cloth, can add color and character to your house. This 20 inch (500mm) high, 24 inch (600mm) deep design will fit a window of up to 4 ft (1,2m) wide.

DIY experts explain how to make a lumber rack that will help keep any workshop organized. Screw the lumber rack into a permanent spot in the shop, or add casters so it can be moved around.

It's common to think of tools as implements to cut, drill or shape material--or perhaps to drive fasteners. But another important class of tools is used to support whatever you are working on. One of the most versatile and simple-to-build work...

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