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A timber pergola is one of the most attractive ways to extend your living area. You can cover it with shadecloth to provide welcome relief from a hot sun, grow ivy or creepers over it for year round greenery or add a roof for all weather...

Cat Tree
After actually building a few, we discovered that some modifications were necessary for structural stability and usability. We added 1x2 supports to the tops of the posts, a support shelf to the middle of the tree, used 2x4\'s instead of 4x4\'s,...

Game for School Holidays
As a school-goer I spent the whole term wishing for the holidays and yet, when they arrived I was normally so bored that I could not wait to get back to school and be with all my friends. I think most kids spend the holidays saying I am bored or...

Glass top coffee table
This weeks do-it-yourself project is an easy project that will not cost a fortune, requires basic power tools, and the end result in a modern coffee table that is perfect for your home.

Parking Garage Toy
My son actually made this project for the DIY Kids section, but having seen what is involved, I thought it would make a nice project for our DIY section - to make as a gift for a little boy, or for your son to play with during the coming holidays.

DIY coat tree stand
Just yesterday, I was paging through a woman\'s magazine and came across this tree coat stand on offer for R8 800.00. Did I get that right? Yes, I did. Eight thousand and eight hundred rand for an MDF (SupaWood) tree coat rack. Now, I have been...

pontoon boat
Would not it be nice to build pontoon boat? But pontoons can be hard to find or expensive. The alternative is welding your own which is an entirely different set of challenges. So why not make your own pontoons out of simple stitch and glue...

Rotating storage shelf
Get everything within reach! This spacious, double-level shelving unit pivots in and out effortlessly and allows you to keep clutter out of sight and still within easy reach. Here is the answer to all that inaccessible clutter on the floor of your...

DIY magazine rack
If you need somewhere to store your copies of Easy DIY magazine, or printed out copies of Home-Dzine Online - make this easy magazine rack. This rack is made using standard off-the-shelf brackets. Pick a bracket slightly larger than the magazines...

DIY hanging wine rack
Create our hanging wine rack and you will be the envy of your friends. All you have to do is to simply check out the items listed below and then follow our instructions. It is sure to bring out the great cook and effortless host in you! If you...

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