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Shutter Bed Headboard
Add some fresh colour to a bland cottage bedroom. A colourful headboard adds life to a tired cottage bedroom with very little strain on you or your pocketbook. We used indoor shutters for our double bed, but this design can be easily adapted for...

Beautiful Jar Lights
After a few years of baking in the sun and being exposed to winters cold, the plastic bodies of solar-powered garden lights tend to fade and crack. Salvage the guts by putting them into flip-top, wide-mouthed sealer jars with clear lids, and...

Simple Tabletop Weathervane
With this easy project, you will track every breeze on the deck. In high school, my brother made a small ceramic pot in art class, one that he would invert on the tip of a ballpoint pen and give a spin. The combination of the dimple in the pots...

Copper Grill Table
For this project, all you need is some copper pipe and an old barbecue grill. We love copper pipe at our cottage. We use it for curtain rods, to hang overhead lamps, and as a towel rack in the bathroom. After replacing our kitchen plumbing, we...

Simple 5 board bench
By the dock, beneath a window, or beside the fire, this classic five-board cottage bench is both charming and useful. I used 1 inch thick Douglas fir, but you can adapt the simple design to whatever wood is on hand, even those old barnboards...

Nice Looking Shadowbox
Showcase your cottage treasures with this easy project. By taking any object, no matter how seemingly ordinary, and putting it in a shadow box, you elevate it to art and encourage everyone to take a second, closer look. And even if you are not...

Simple DIY Recycling Center
It is easy to close the back door and pretend that the jumble of recycling bins and garbage cans outside does not exist ― but that only works when you are in the house. Building a short lean-to just big enough to hold everything solves the...

Thrift Store Candlesticks
Turn mismatched candlesticks into a fresh new set by painting them an unexpected color (in this case, high-gloss indigo). Remove any wax residue with paint thinner and a clean cloth. Mist one coat of spray paint primer for metal onto the...

Bedside Table
A side table is known by many names… side table, end table, bedside table, etc. Whatever name you choose, here is a free woodworking plan for a side table.

Simple Laptop Table
I am constantly on my laptop – for work purposes, of course!! My most favorite place to work with it is by the fireplace. A table like this makes work so much easier, plus I could use it while lying on the couch under a cozy blanket!

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