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Ground-Level Deck
Decks can work wonders in many different ways... contemporary in style, yet simple and natural. They blend home and landscape with broad, inviting vistas creating a feeling of freedom and expansiveness and offer an oasis of comfort in the open...

Squirrel Feeder
One neat characteristic of squirrels is their gathering and storing of food - mostly nuts - for the winter. They gather the nuts one and two at a time and then runaway to store them in their hiding places, usually by burying them. Squirrels do not...

Plywood Aquarium
First things first: These plans for a 140-gallon plywood aquarium come compliments of the Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation, Inc. I have never built this aquarium, and cannot guarantee that it will work, but someday plan to give it a try....

Glass Aquarium
I had very little experience building anything prior to attempting this type of project. I researched as much as I could find on the internet and through discussion groups. Once I felt I had all I needed, I jumped right in and tried to make my...

Wood Stand For Large Tanks
There are any number of plans for home made aquarium stands on the internet, but some of them start off with, I've never actually built this or they don't say it, but if you know a little about carpentry, after a few paragraphs, you realize they...

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